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Giving Thanks Is A Ticket To Happiness

Food is the common language to communicate respect, love, care, blessings, celebration, appreciation and much more. To express our appreciation to medical providers who work fearlessly and tirelessly under the threat of Covid-19, BWNC started donating vegetarian meals to the Emergency Department of nine major hospitals in the Bay Area in July 2020. By May 2021, over 3,600 meals were donated!


The hearty meals were paired with small tokens of appreciation, such as cards drawn by young students and chocolates among other sweets. We hope our small gesture can lift up the spirits of hardworking frontlink healthcare workers.


Lately, several local restaurants were inspired to join. Since April 2021, the project has expanded to serve vaccination clinics as well.


“Giving Thanks is a Ticket to Happiness!” - this initiative conveys appreciation, blessings, and care to healthcare professionals who are saving human lives. We also show our respect and compassion for all beings by providing vegetarian meals, which are healthier and save animal lives.

BWNC will continue to spread positive energy and caring. Look out for future charity initiatives!

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