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Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU


Bliss and Wisdom Foundation of Northern California (BWNC) is a US non-profit organization founded in 2004.

We aim to serve our local community through education and volunteer work. 


Buddhism - People from all walks of life join weekly discussion groups on Buddhism scriptures such as Lamrim. They practice Mahayana Buddhism, cultivating open-mindedness and altruism and wishing all sentient beings to be free of sufferings, no matter who they are.  


Health & Environment - An organic-focused grocery store, nutrition seminars, and cooking classes promote a healthier lifestyle while caring for our environment and all living in it. Joyheart Cafe serves up delicious vegetarian meals, and a bakery provides milk tea.  


K-12 & Parents - After school classes and Sunday classes on Chinese culture create a nurturing environment for K-12 students. Parenting talks help immigrants face the challenges of parenting with two cultures inside one family.  


Young Professionals - Young professional programs include socials, fitness events, mentorship, and leadership workshops.    


Seniors - Seniors have monthly get-togethers filled with light exercise, trivia contests, song, laughter, and more.  


Volunteering - Through education, each person is given the tools to become a better version of themselves. Paired together, volunteer opportunities provide a supportive environment that catalyzes each person's self-improvement. 


CEO: Yun Yu Wang

Deputy CEO: Kee Wei, Ann Wang, Cary Lin

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